2017 Stats + Inspiration

2017 was a great year.  Everyone loves a good year end review so I am here with some fun stats from this past year. Despite taking the first 4 months of the year off after having a baby, we still did quite a bit!  So, if you are wondering… We created: 77 Bouquets 70 Boutonnieres […]

Winter Inspiration

Seasonal but not Christmas.  That was my goal with these pieces last week.  Beautiful magnolia foliage with its glossy green front and velvety brown backs and pine cones are definitely considered winter elements.  The white roses and lupine invoke feelings of snow and the blue thistle feels icy. I always love using green dianthus for […]

A Warm November Wedding

November 18th was not a particularly warm day in Evansville but I would describe this wedding that way.  Peach accents and yellow foliage warmed our color palette, candles glowed in the evening, and the heaters in the tented reception made the evening very comfortable.  But the mood was the warmest part of the event.  When […]