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The beginning of a new year brings a plethora of forecasts about all subjects.  The wedding industry is no exception.  I read many of these because I am interested in what others are seeing trending in their markets and how it may apply to my own market.  There are things I also notice in talking with couples and other vendors.  So, here is my 2019 wedding trend forecast.  There are no scientific facts or researched based topics here.  Just my observations! So, here goes!

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Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography

1. Color

Pastels and all-white designs will always be a classic, timeless choice.  Blush pinks have reigned supreme for the past few years with burgundy following in at a close second.  I am seeing a shift, though. More couples are coming to me asking for color.  Jewel tones are popular but I also see blush warming to pale yellows, cantaloupe oranges, and pale corals.  I have heard some industry experts talking about a return of mustard yellow.  Although I haven’t been asked about this color personally, I do think it works well in many palettes.

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2. Greenery

Eucalyptus has been king for several years but I think that the throne may be passed on to dark and true green foliage.  Blue-green eucalyptus is still a perfect choice for many palettes but I am combining it with dark and true green foliage more often or being asked to skip eucalyptus completely.  Regardless, I’m a big greenery fan so I am happy that the bold use of foliage–whatever hue it is–is not just still around but intensifying.

evansville wedding, wedding flowers, evansville florist, evansville indiana

3. Elegance

Rustic has its place but it is becoming more elegant.  Mason jars are being replaced by simple glass cylinders.  Tree rounds are being replaced by wood trays. These wood accents are being paired with more formal flowers. When rustic is part of the aesthetic, it is more woodland than country with ferns, moss, and other natural elements.

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4. Individuality

Pinterest can be both a blessing and a curse.  We have access to so many ideas, yet we are often all seeing the same variation of those ideas.  I feel like brides are using Pinterest less.  They may find a few inspirational images but then they take a break and let creativity come into play.  Weddings are reflecting the couples and most traditional rules are being broken. Fun accents, interesting food and drinks, interactive activities… There aren’t rules anymore!

evansville wedding, wedding flowers, evansville florist, evansville indiana
Green Door Gourmet Flower Farm

5. Sustainability

There is a movement in the US towards sustainability in the flower industry.  Did you know that close to 80% of the flowers in the US market are imported from different countries? More and more florists are sourcing locally or looking for Certified American Grown flowers to use in their businesses.  More and more florists are also trying to design without floral foam (myself included) because the foam is not biodegradable. I have written about using local flowers here and here for anyone interested. Customers are paying attention and seeking out florists who are making eco-conscious decisions.

evansville wedding, wedding flowers, evansville florist, evansville indiana
Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography

6. Experience

Millennials are the age demographic having the most weddings.  It is said that millennials are interested in having experiences over things.  While I don’t like putting groups in a box, I do agree with this.  Most of my millennial friends, colleagues, and clients are more concerned about the overall experience for their guests than having certain set characters playing their parts.  Couples are asking for an aesthetic, a vibe, and something that reflects them and their lives together.

evansville wedding, wedding flowers, evansville florist, evansville indiana
Photo by Morgan Williams Photography

What are your thoughts? Which prediction are you most looking forward to? What are you seeing at the weddings you are attending?

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2 Responses

  1. Oooooh I am genuinely in love with these predictions and hope they are spot on! Give me ALLLL the color & greenery….and I love that sustainability is becoming higher on the list, too!

    1. Another one I almost added but decided against is the return of dried flowers. It’s a sustainable way to go local in the winter!

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