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I have big plans for this little flower farm. The 2020 season actually started last October. As the last season ended, I began working on this season. We brought in 13 truck loads of rich compost and added new landscape fabric. I made three trips to a farm about two hours from Evansville who was closing and dug, transported, and then planted 90 peonies, 25 shrubs, and 120 perennials to use for cut flowers.

Ninebark shrub planted at Evansville flower farm at Farm 57.
Ninebark is an excellent foliage plant. This variety has beautiful burgundy leaves.
peonies sprouting in early spring at farm 57 in evansville indiana
Peonies sprouting

I started planting seeds at the beginning of March. I’ve passed 3800 with more to go. I also have three different types of shrubs and dahlia tubers on the way.

autumn fire sedum planted at evansville indiana flower farm at farm 57
Rows of Autumn Fire Sedum

Raised beds have been added for some of the perennials that need to be contained and we will start on the fence and arbor soon.

emerald design flower farm in evansville indiana
Raised beds ready to be filled

Of course I am sad that my spring and early summer weddings have been postponed but it is also letting me focus my time and energy on the farm.

farm 57 flower farm in evansville indiana
Seed trays under grow lights

I have a rhythm. Most mornings I head to the greenhouses to water the seedlings. Most evenings I fill trays with soil and plant seeds. Each seed is touched by my hands.

Gomphrena seedlings sprouting at evansville flower farm
Gomphrena seedlings sprouting

I have quadrupled the number of plants I am growing this year. Maybe more. (I didn’t count last year.) But, I’m adding ways of how I’m getting the plants to you also.

Craspedia seeds sprouting at evansville indiana flower farm
Craspedia seeds sprouting

A bouquet subscription will begin in June and continue through the month of September. Pick up will be available at Farm 57 with delivery to some areas. I will have this offered through my website soon.

Flowers will also be available through Market Wagon. If you are unfamiliar with Market Wagon, it is a delivery service offering locally grown produce and other local goods.

Mountain mint sprouting from last year's planting at evansville indiana flower farm at farm 57
Mountain mint sprouting from last year’s planting

Flowers will also be available in the Farm 57 market. I will have pre-made arrangements again and also plan to add a flower bar this year.

I hope to have more classes also and special events on Wednesday evenings during Food Truck Night.

Below is a list of plants I am growing this year. I wasn’t joking when I said I was increasing what I’m growing!

 Amaranth, Autumn Touch 
 Amaranth, Coral Fountain 
 Amaranth, Hot Biscuits 
 Amaranth, Red Spike 
 Baptisia, Australis 
 Basil, Cinnamon 
 Basil, Purple Dark Opal 
 Basket Flower, Purple 
 Basket Flower, White 
 Bee Balm, Lemon Mint 
 Button Bush 
 Calendula, Bronze Beauty 
 Celosia, Celway Terracotta 
 Celosia, Celway White 
 Celosia, Chief Mix 
 Celosia, Hot Pink Plume 
 Celosia, Pampas Plume 
 Celosia, Ruby Parfait 
 Celosia, Salmon 
 Cerinthe, Kiwi Blue 
 Coneflower, Green Twister 
 Cosmos, Double Click Mix 
 Cress, Wrinkled 
 Dara Ammi 
 Dill, Bouquet 
 Dogwood, Coral Red 
 Dusty Miller 
 Feverfew, Virgo 
 Globe Thistle, Blue Glow 
 Gomphrena, QIS Mix 
 Grass, Bunny Tails 
 Grass, Frosted Explosion 
 Grass, Sea Oats 
 Jewels of Opar
 Marigold, Giant Orange 
 Marigold, Giant Yellow 
 Marigold, Kilimanjaro White 
 Mint, Mountain Mint 
 Mock Orange 
 Nasturtium, Alaska Variegated 
 Nasturtium, Fiesta Blend 
 Ninebark, Ginger Wine 
 Oregano, Greek 
 Peony, Burgundy 
 Peony, Coral Charm,  
 Peony, Festiva Maxima 
 Peony, Sarah Bernhardt 
 Phlox, Cherry Caramel 
 Salvia, Clary Sage 
 Scabiosa, Black Knight 
 Scabiosa, Merlot Red 
 Scabiosa, Snowmaiden 
 Sedum, Autumn Fire 
 Shiso, Green 
 Statice, Apricot 
 Statice, Seeker Mix 
 Strawflower, Apricot/Peach Mix 
 Strawflower, Silvery Rose 
 Sunflower, Autumn Beauty 
 Sunflower, Procut Plum 
 Sunflower, Procut White Lite 
 Sunflower, Strawberry Blonde 
 Sunflower, Sun-Fill Green 
 Sunflower, Sun-Fill Purple 
 Sunflower, Teddy Bear 
 Yarrow, Summer Berries 
 Yarrow, Colorado Blend 
 Zinnia, Benary Giant Carmine Rose 
 Zinnia, Benary Giant Purple 
 Zinnia, Benary Giant White 
 Zinnia, Mazurkia 
 Zinnia, Oklahoma Carmine 
 Zinnia, Oklahoma Pink 
 Zinnia, Oklahoma Salmon 
 Zinnia, Oklahoma White 
 Zinnia, Queen Lime Blush 
 Zinnia, Queen Lime Orange 
 Zinnia, Queen Red Lime 
 Zinnia, Senora 
 Zinnia, Unicorn Mix 
 Zinnia, Zinderella Lilac 
 Zinnia, Zinderella Peach 
peonies sprouting at farm 57, evansville flower farm
Peonies sprouting

I encourage you to sign up for my monthly newsletter if you are interested in hearing first about the bouquet subscription and other events. You can sign up for that here.

Thank you as always for following along on this journey!

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