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American Flowers Week 2018

American Flowers Week was started four years ago by Slow Flowers founder, Debra Prinzing.  Slow Flowers, like the Slow Food movement, celebrates local products.  Slow Flowers celebrates all those in the American flower industry and the local products they share with their communities.

Artwork by Ellen Hoverkamp

From Debra Prinzing: “I created American Flowers Week in 2015 as a community-focused floral holiday that allows and encourages participation from everyone in the floral industry — from flower seed and bulb producers to growers; from designers to retailers; from cutting garden enthusiasts to artists.”

Local flowers, all grown in Evansville

Using local products is something important to me for several reasons. From a business standpoint, spending money at local businesses keeps more of the money in our local economy.  I try to go to local restaurants and coffee shops and shop at local stores.  For my own business, I work with local photographers, graphic designers, rental companies, and farms whenever I can.

Local flowers, all grown in Evansville

There is something extra special about local flowers, though.  I buy from farms in the area as often as possible and supplement from my own cutting garden.  The blooms are fresher.  The flowers are often more unique than what I can order through a wholesaler. But also, I like the relationships I have built with the local farmers and want to support their businesses.

Local flowers, all grown in Evansville

Imported flowers give us product to design with when it is not in season locally and give us access to flowers and foliage that don’t grow in our area.  But you can’t beat the freshness, vibrancy, and scent of locally grown product.

Flowers from an Owensboro, KY farm

If you are interested in locally sourced product, let me know and I am happy to make an arrangement for you!  You can also contact some of our local farms yourself.

Timberview Flower Farm, Evansville, IN

Darnell School Farm, Mt Vernon, IN

Eastham Flower Farm, Gentryville, IN

King’s Country Gardens, Owensboro, KY

Local flowers, all grown in Evansville

I have thought about offering something to celebrate American Flowers Week.  A class? A pop-up shop at another local business?  What would you be interested in?  American Flowers Week runs June 28-July 4. Let me know your ideas in the comments and maybe I will make one of those ideas happen next year!

This year I can offer you this fun coloring page, downloadable at along with individual state coloring pages, each with the state’s official flower.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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