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I love using unique flowers and am always looking for new varieties. Whenever I visit the wholesaler, I always walk through the coolers to see if there are any new flowers available.  I read articles, blogs, and study photos on Instagram and in some of the professional Facebook groups that I am a member of looking for something new.

There is nothing wrong with the old standbys.  We use roses all of the time in our designs but I do try to use less common varieties.  Growers are constantly reinventing.  Carnations are a great example.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new varieties!  They will really make you re-think how you feel about carnations.

I was so excited when Kaitlin contacted me about delivering an arrangement to a funeral home a few weeks ago.  Kaitlin didn’t want the normal, formulaic arrangements often seen at funerals.  So, off I went to the wholesaler to see what I could find.

I’ve been asked, “How do you choose what flowers to use?” Well, I just visualize.  I usually look at everything available and then start choosing.  For this arrangement, I knew I was starting with an orange container.  I chose a vase I thought the recipient would want to keep.  It had a pearlized finish with hints of pink when it hit the light.  So, oranges and pinks made sense.

I’m always excited to find protea.  There are two varieties here.  ‘Pink Ice’ protea is the large statement flower on the right in the above photo and ‘Safari Sunset’ protea is the burgundy and green stem in the center.

I try to vary shapes and sizes.  The large ‘Pink Ice’ protea contrasts with the medium sized roses and the small berries.  The tall, slender ‘Safari Sunset’ protea and Bells of Ireland contrast with the round roses and dianthus balls, also contrasting with the airy look of the berries.

About those roses… Aren’t the ruffly, colorful ‘Free Spirit’ roses gorgeous? The fuzzy dianthus balls add so much texture.  Those berries… They are pink peppercorns!  Don’t take a big wiff of them though or you may sneeze.  I speak from experience!

The finished product! The tall, green stems of Bells of Ireland add whimsy. They were turning a completely different direction the night before when I made the arrangement.  I’m sure they changed directions again.  They have a mind of their own which adds to the fun!

Thanks, Kaitlin for letting me stretch my creative muscles!  And to all of you reading… What is your favorite element of this arrangement?

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