Tis the Season to be Married

white bridal bouquet created by evansville florist emerald design for a december wedding

Greenery and sparkle are perfect for a wedding just before Christmas. Marley and Max’s wedding was full of both with several types of seasonal greenery, twinkling candles, and white accents. It was seasonal, but also not too Christmas-y for the weekend before the holiday. Due to COVID, the guest count was reduced. There was a […]

Brighten Their Day

It’s always a good time to brighten someone’s day. But now, especially so. In the last week it has really hit me that I’m missing some people. I have had a small circle the past few months and I’m missing some people in the bigger circle. Can you relate? In a time when many of […]

Winter Flower Subscription

Ask and you shall receive. A few of the summer flower subscribers have asked for another subscription option and I am here with good news. I will be offering weekly and bi-weekly flower subscriptions for the months of January, February, and March. The subscriptions are available to purchase by the month and also make great […]

Our New Class Offerings

I am SO excited to start offering classes.  So, why classes? My background is in education.  I taught for 10 years before changing careers.  I did not leave teaching because I didn’t like doing it.  I wanted more flexibility in my schedule so that I would be able to participate in more things with my […]

Do You Offer That?

“What do you offer?” This is a question that we are asked often. The short answer is that we will help you with everything decor related for your event. We have great relationships with area businesses. So, if we don’t have/offer what you are looking for, we can find someone who does. There are a […]

Winter Inspiration

Seasonal but not Christmas.  That was my goal with these pieces last week.  Beautiful magnolia foliage with its glossy green front and velvety brown backs and pine cones are definitely considered winter elements.  The white roses and lupine invoke feelings of snow and the blue thistle feels icy. I always love using green dianthus for […]

Be Unique

I love using unique flowers and am always looking for new varieties. Whenever I visit the wholesaler, I always walk through the coolers to see if there are any new flowers available.  I read articles, blogs, and study photos on Instagram and in some of the professional Facebook groups that I am a member of […]

Did You Know We Did That?

Did you know we create single, custom order arrangements?  While weddings and special events continue to remain as our main genre, we have been doing more and more single, custom arrangements. We have been working with two corporate clients this year.  We deliver arrangements to their employees and clients. We have also created arrangements for […]