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Things are changing in the floral industry.  A renaissance… New way of thinking…  I read articles, online discussions, and listen to podcasts about the floral industry.  There is excitement in the changes happening.

Birthday Arrangement

One of the most talked about changes is the move towards using locally grown flowers.  Similar to the SLOW food movement, there is a SLOW flower movement.  Field to vase events are popping up around the country just like farm to table dinners.  More and more farmer-florists are emerging.

Anniversary Arrangement

Although I do not intend to become a flower farmer, I am proud to grow some of the product that I use.  I’m focusing on unusual flowers and foliages to bring a uniqueness to my work.  I am also growing dahlias.  They do not ship well and have a shorter vase life than some flowers, thus the need for them to be as fresh as possible.

Anniversary Arrangement

I also cherish the relationships I have built with flower farmers in our region and try to purchase from them whenever possible.  What they grow is so incredibly beautiful and fresh, unlike much of what I can order in.  And of course buying local is better for our local economy and environment.

Bridal Bouquet

The photos I’ve shared in this post all contain local flowers.  Some from me and some from local farms.  There will always be a need to order some flowers.  I love making a 100% local arrangement but sometimes it just isn’t possible.  A client may ask for a particular flower I cannot get locally.  Or a local crop may not make it due to Mother Nature.  While we can grow a lot in this region, more flowers are grown in other regions with less harsh weather.  Our temperature extremes don’t work for everything and the bugs.  So many bugs…

Anniversary Arrangement

The season is coming to a close.  Friday’s forecast calls for a frost.  I will still gather evergreen branches and berries throughout the winter but mainly winter is for planning.  I’ve taken notes on what worked and what didn’t work this year so I can tweak my cutting garden.  I have plans to develop new areas on my property.  And today I planted 120 daffodils.  I plan to plant more each year and watch them multiply.  Of course I will take photos and share them with you.

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