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Introducing the Terrarium Bar!

We have something new and exciting at the shop! Terrariums have been around forever but we have noticed that they are rising in popularity recently. Some of you have asked for us to carry terrariums, too. Here they are!

We have an assortment of containers to build your terrariums in but also encourage you to bring your own. Any glass container will work.

We have the soil, stones, and charcoal needed for your base layer. We also have moss, sand, and decorative rocks for artistic touches.

We have several sizes of succulents and air plants, which are easy starts for new terrarium parents. If you are feeling adventurous, we can also choose from ferns or other plants in the shop and divide those to work in your creation.

We have plenty of crystals to choose from to add to your terrarium or feel free to bring your own decorative objects to decorate your mini garden.

You can stop in any time during business hours to build your creation and we are here to help you, too. We also plan to offer terrarium classes in the near future.

What excites you most about a terrarium? Let us know in the comments and stop in and see the bar for yourself.

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