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Our new studio!  Well, we are getting there…

My husband and I bought an amazing piece of property two years ago.  We have almost 4 acres on a lake in a wonderful neighborhood.  The house needed a lot of updating but it was definitely livable (and we have and are continuing to update it) but one of the greatest things was this building behind the house and the potential it had to be a work space.

This photo is taken from the end of the driveway, right by the garage.  You can see the proximity of the studio to the house, which makes a mom of three feel comfortable.  I can work while the older two kids play in the house or in the back yard without feeling like they are too far away.  You can also see some of the area here that I cut from for arrangements.

This photo shows the opposite of the one above–looking out to the driveway.  The building is about 800 square feet and divided into two rooms.

As you can see, we have some issues!  There are 6 sets of sliding glass doors.  We will be replacing them with 2 sets of french doors and 3 windows to maximize storage and work space.  The siding will be a dark gray and the windows and doors are trimmed in black for the modern look that my husband and I prefer.

The siding was in such bad shape in some places that lightly brushing by would cause chunks to fall off!

Most of the doors would hardly open and we had this lovely green mildew growing between the panes.  It’s not the look I’m going for.

Let’s go inside… These first photos are what you would see when you walk into the room from the main door.

The front room will be a workspace.  The doors on the left will come down and be open to a large utility sink.  The door on the right will hold a toilet so that the building can have a functional half bath.

Here is what is currently behind the door where the toilet will be.  Hmmm… We think there was a sauna and hot tub in this building at one time and that these are some of the mechanical pieces from that.

These doors will lead to a walk-in cooler which will be amazing!

In the center will be a large work island.  A counter with shelving below will be under the window on the right and a small table that I could sit and work at will be on the left with some additional shelving.

All of the walls and ceilings are covered in cedar.  We are hoping to keep the cedar on the ceilings.  Unfortunately, we will need to cover the walls with dry wall.  Some of the cedar has been damaged and the reframing would require new cedar which is just too expensive.  We will reuse what we can for shelving though.

The other room will be for storage of our vases and rental items and will also have a work area for my husband. And that flooring… We think the hot tub is actually still under that concrete.  It will be there for life because we aren’t going to take that on!

The uneven flooring will be leveled and we will be laying down a vinyl, gray, wood-like tile for easy clean up.

It is an exciting project!  I will update you all and definitely write up a blog post when it is finished.  My husband and father-in-law are doing almost all of the work, mostly on weekends, so there is no time line of when this will be complete.  For regular updates, follow along on my Instagram stories.

How about this office view?! It will be even better when a window without condensation between the panes is installed!

Thanks for following along!





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  1. This is so cool, what a bonus to your house! I can’t wait to see the progress as you work on it. It’s perfect for a workspace!

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