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I organized a prom inspiration photo shoot a few weeks ago. I have been ready to post about it for awhile but I put it on hold in wake of the recent health news. I feel terrible for the high school seniors who are missing their final school dance. The bright point is that Paparazzi is organizing a city wide prom to be held at a later date.

Regardless of whether or not proms are able to happen this year, I want to share the work of our talented vendors and models who volunteered their time to showcase their work.

prom inspiration flowers by emerald design dresses by paparazzi photo by sharin shank photography

Many girls are choosing to carry bouquets for prom. If a bouquet is not your thing though, no worries! There are plenty of options!

pastel prom bouquet by emerald design
Pastel Prom Bouquet

I chose to offer four color palette options for prom–pastel, neutral, bold, and succulent.

pastel wrist corsage
Pastel Wrist Corsage

Wrist corsages are still a popular item. A wrist corsage gives you the option of wearing the flowers all night.

floral pocket square
Floral Pocket Square

Yes, there is always the classic boutonniere but why not try a floral pocket square? One thing to keep in mind–the jacket must have a pocket that the square can fit into. Many pockets are faux so be sure to check first.

prom inspiration photo
Floral Tattoo

Neutral can be traditional or modern. What do you think about a floral tattoo? This can be work on the shoulder, arm, hand… The possibilities are endless.

floral tattoo
Floral Tattoo
white boutonniere

And of course, the boutonniere.

bold flower bouquet
Bold Palette Bouquet

There is plenty of color available for girls wanting something bold.

bold palette boutonniere
Bold Palette Boutonniere

…With a boutonniere to match.

greenery and succulent bouquet
Succulent Bouquet

If unique is your thing, the succulent palette may be the choice for you. This palette uses neutral greens and would work with almost any dress. It is perfect for someone wanting a more natural look.

succulent corsage
Succulent Wrist Corsage

Do you have a favorite palette? Would you choose a bouquet, corsage, or tattoo? A boutonniere or pocket square?

bold palette prom flower inspiration
prom inspiration photo shoot
pastel palette prom flowers

Thank you to our talented vendors for dedicating your time.

Photography: Sharin Shank Photography

Dresses: Paparazzi Glamour and Gowns

Flowers: Emerald Design

Hair: Allyson Evans, Danielle Autry, Brook Sander

Make up: Tiana B Esthetics

Models: Colten Garcia, Rhyley Magnus, Alayna Pritchard, Trinity Ransom

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