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What inspires you? I have noticed a lot of articles lately asking creatives this question and talking about the creative process.  While I have glanced through some, I’ll admit that I haven’t read many.  To me, the creative process is personal and specific to the person.

jewel tone flowers

I love brainstorming with other creative people.  This is often what leads me to a new creation.

local flowers, dahlia, zinnia, gomphrena, tuberose

I am also inspired by walking through places.  That may be a garden or a bustling city street.  I notice texture and color combinations in different atmospheres.

jewel tone flowers, indiana flowers, zinnia, dahlia, solidago, goldenrod, celosia, scented geranium

I also draw inspiration from social media, magazines, books, and TV and movie sets.  As a visual person, I notice the visuals.

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But realistically, I often draw my creativity from my materials.  We are not blessed to have a flower market here that I can roam through and pick what inspires me that day.  My arrangements, for the most part, have to be pre-planned.  I write recipes, formulate my order, and then design with what is available.  I often bring in pieces from my cutting garden or modify a recipe based on something beautiful that was in stock at my wholesaler or because something that I ordered did not come in.

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I love buying fresh, locally grown flowers.  But the realistic truth is that we do not have many flower farms in our area compared to other areas of the country.  I am lucky to have good relationships with local farmers who sometimes let me come and cut from their fields so I can get exactly what I need for my project.

winter flowers, winter design, roses, thistle, dianthus, eucalyptus, pine cones

This doesn’t make my process uncreative, though.  I enjoy creating new recipes for every event.  And while I may have an ingredient list for an arrangement, how I prepare that piece is all in my imagination.

wedding flowers, dahlias, roses

One of the things that drew me to floral design was my need to be creative.  Others in creative industries say the same thing.  Some people need to create.  It is part of their nature.

fall flowers, fall design, fall colors

Do you need to create? Where do you gain inspiration?

flowers, roses, protea, dianthus, bells of ireland, pepper berry

I have a full wedding schedule this fall but am planning a design class in December.  I love teaching and interacting with others through flowers.  My goal is to offer several classes throughout the year. Will you join me? Stay tuned for more.

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