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What is a Flower Bar?

What is a flower bar? It’s a chance for you to work with flowers. Looking at beautiful flowers is a lovely experience but interacting with them yourself is even better.

There are two ways I am planning on designing a flower bar.

  • DIY Flower Bar

Think of this as the bar cart sitting out at the party. Various spirits and mixers are on display and you can create your own drink.  Likewise, containers of flowers and foliages will be sitting out and you can create your own bouquet or vase arrangement.  (Or flower crown, or wreath, or whatever your heart desires!) The bartender/designer will be there too if you need any help.

  • A Flower Bar with a Bartender

Do you know some things you like but don’t know what to order? Let the bartender help you. With this style of flower bar, containers of flowers and foliages will be in view and the bartender/designer will arrange a custom piece for you based on what flowers/colors/etc. that you prefer.

When and where are these flower bars happening?

I will have a DIY Flower Bar set up at Sweet Emotions Soaptions in downtown Newburgh on Saturday August 25th at 10:00, until the flowers are gone.  This will be happening along with a flower-themed skin-care class at the store. You can follow both of our Facebook and Instagram pages for more specific information as we near the 25th.

I hope to have more flower bars popping up around town but I am happy to come to private events as well.  Let me know if you are interested in having a bar at your party or business event!

Where would you like to see a flower bar?

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