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We are in the heart of summer and with it all the bold and vibrant colors that summer flowers bring us. It isn’t a secret that I enjoy using local, seasonal flowers.  So, what is available in southern Indiana this time of year?

Aisle decor featuring local zinnias, celosia, and solidago

To me, the quintessential midwestern summer flower is the zinnia.  Easy to grow from seed for home gardeners and grown by flower farms as well.  They explode with bold color.

More subdued colors are available as well, like these ‘Queen Lime’ and ‘Queen Red Lime’ zinnias.

‘Queen Lime’ and ‘Queen Red Lime’ Zinnias

Or if you prefer white, I love these small, dainty ‘Oklahoma White’ zinnias.

‘Oklahoma White’ Zinnias

Sunflowers are another popular summer flower but there are much more available than the traditional golden yellow sunflower,  Colors range from pale yellow to deep gold, as well as reds and burgundies and the unique ‘Strawberry Blonde’ sunflower pictured below.

Local bouquet featuring ‘Strawberry Blonde’ sunflowers, zinnias, and pearls of opar

Then there are dahlias… Dahlias come in just about every size and color.

Arrangement including local dahlias and pearls of opar
Bouquet featuring deep burgundy ‘Karma Chocolate’ dahlias
Small dahlias along with other local tuberose, gomphrena, and queen anne’s lace
Dahlias paired with purple basil

Summer palettes can be more subdued too, like in this all-local arrangement featuring dahlias, tuberose, sedum, and greenery.

Buffet arrangement created with dahlia, tuberose, sedum, and greenery

And then there are those fun summer splashes like Black Eyed Susan’s, Pearls of Opar, Queen Anne’s Lace, celosia, gomphrena, solidago, and herbs such as basil, oregano, mint, and sage.  The possibilities are endless!

Local bouquet featuring zinnias and black eyed susan’s
Local bouquet featuring zinnias, purple basil, and Russian sage
Summer bouquet featuring local dahlias, zinnias, celosia, and solidago; photo by Equinox Photography

Do you have a favorite summer flower?

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  1. Holy guacamole I LOVE this!!! I didn’t know the names of half of these flowers!!! Hopefully now I’ll remember! ♥️

    Zinnias are my FAV!

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