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The amount of talent we have in our area is extraordinary. Our local wedding industry has so many creative vendors who offer such a wide variety of options to clients, it is truly amazing. Even more amazing is that everyone is so nice and easy to work with!

floral arrangement, spring flowers, large flower arrangement, pink flowers, peonies, roses, spring flowers
Large Floral Entry Arrangement

I am lucky to call many of my fellow vendors friends. We get to know each others personalities and strengths. If you ever need a reference, ask another vendor and we will be happy to share the talent with you.

flower wall, photo backdrop
Photo Backdrop

The ladies at House of White Bridal Boutique in Newburgh hosted an evening to celebrate local vendors in their beautiful space. The evening was coordinated by the excellent staff at City Social. We had delicious food and drinks from Pizza Revolution, Pangea, Sauced, and Honey+Moon and enjoyed music on the patio from the Sideman Trio.

spring flower arrangement
Table Centerpiece

I was honored to add flowers to the space. If you haven’t been able to stop into House of White, it is already a beautiful shop! Extra flowers for the night always make something more special, though!

bud vase with spring flowers
Bud vases and votive candles were placed on bistro tables both inside and outdoors

I was lucky to be able to relax once the event started and visit with so many of the vendors I call friends and meet new ones, as well.

pink flowers, spring flowers, evansville florist, evansville indiana, newburgh indiana

If you need any recommendations, I recommend all of the businesses listed above. I am always happy to refer someone that I think will be the right fit for you, whether you are one of my clients or not. Supporting local businesses and friends is always the best choice.

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