Locally Grown Specialty Cut Flowers

Using local, seasonal flowers is very important to us. Local blooms are simply fresher than flowers that have been imported to us. Customers are telling us they are getting close to two weeks of freshness from the local flowers they are purchasing from us. Local flowers are often more unique because not everything survives the shipping process. That uniqueness is something we are focusing on. We want to bring the tri-state gorgeous flowers that they didn’t even know existed.

Buying local is also better for the environment and our local economy which is an important component to us and the business.

We are proud members of Slow Flowers. You can learn more about Slow Flowers and how to support domestic flowers by visiting this linkLocal flowers are available seasonally from June-September. Some may be available in May and October, depending on Mother Nature. You may request all locally grown orders during the growing season but know that we are always trying to use locally grown products in our designs.

We grow some of our own flowers and have great relationships with farmers who grow for us. If you have a specific request, let us know and we will try to add it to our growing list!

Foam-Free, Dye-Free Designs

We pledge to design without flower foam and artificial dyes.

Flower foam is a single use product made from plastic. It is not biodegradable and studies show it is harmful to aquatic life, as the particles often are released into our waterways. We use alternative mechanics to create our work such as reusable chicken wire, branch armatures, and moss.

Dyed, preserved, painted, and bleached products are growing in popularity. We admit that we like the look but we will not sacrifice our environmental principles to use these products. The chemical process is harmful to those creating these products and the result makes the products unable to be composted. We believe flowers are beautiful the way they are created and don’t need to be altered!

Supporting Local and Eco-Conscious Businesses

Beyond locally grown flowers, we try to support other local vendors and artisans to support our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint. When we need to reach beyond the tri-state, we prioritize choosing products from businesses with eco-conscious beliefs and practices.

Our little steps make a difference such as using recycled and recyclable bags and wrapping, offering a vase recycling program, reusing packaging, growing our flowers with organic methods, and composting as much of our fresh product as possible.